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Forwarded from Patrick Casey
​​Red Scare and the ‘Anti-Woke Left’

The left is perhaps best understood and defined as that which exists in opposition to whatever is perceived to be hierarchical, bourgeois, reactionary, etc. Part of this adversarial relationship entails a necessary morality, a conception of the right as 'evil'. But what happens when the right isn't evil? What happens when the people on the right are motivated by a sincere desire for the Good, and have merely arrived at different conclusions than leftists? Why, at that point it doesn't hurt to see what those right-wingers have to say…and of course we can't have that happening, can we? Hence the ideologically-mandated pathologization of right-wing thought. Right-wing political expression, collectively maligned as 'fascism', isn't to be debated, entertained, or honestly considered.

At this point the so-called anti-woke left is an interesting phenomenon but its anti-wokeness is limited at best. It reminds me of conservatives feebly opposing some particularly repugnant progressive development while refusing to meaningfully confront the beast head on. These people aren't on our side, and perhaps never will be, but I consider worthwhile any effort to break down the cult-like atmosphere of censorship and guilt by association that prevents meaningful dialogue from taking place. All we need is an even playing field to win.

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Forwarded from Patrick Casey
Restoring Order - EP 20: The Anti-Woke Left

Join me for a discussion on the anti-woke left, a small but growing body of Bernie supporters who've grown skeptical of wokeness and identity politics. The show focuses on Aimee Therese and the Red Scare girls, examining their perspectives, motivations, and ideological hangups.
AIM is committed to publicly & vocally opposing the great replacement – the process by which Americans are demographically displaced by immigrants from non-Western countries.

If you, too, are committed to this cause, we strongly encourage you to join us!
Today marks the 108th anniversary of the sinking of the RMS Titanic. Lest we forget all of those who lost their lives on this day 108 years ago.

The Titanic left Belfast for New York City with 2226 souls on board, almost entirely men women and children from Europe, bound for a new life in America. Of those 2226, only 703 would survive.

Today we remember all those who perished in the tragedy. For most, they were seeking the real American dream. A country founded by their ancestors, intended for our posterity and all of the people decending from Europe seeking a new life. This was the intended “American melting pot” a Nation united harmoniously by a people sharing a common language, culture and religion. Not what it has been misconstrued as today!
We're incredibly heartened to hear that President Trump intends to sign an executive order temporarily suspending all immigration into the United States. Let's maintain this suspension indefinitely in order to preserve America's unique identity, people, and culture. Mass immigration destroys nations—keep our borders closed!
Forwarded from Patrick Casey
Individualism is a fallacious conception of reality because individuals do not exist. This isn’t to say that individual human beings do not exist, of course, but rather that no individual exists in isolation. We aren’t independent, atomized beings floating through space. Unless you were raised by wolves, chances are that you have a family, ethnic group, religious affiliation, national identity, etc. Every human – again, barring extreme exceptions – has been defined in part by his or her social circumstances, the existence of which implies a sense of communal belonging. Failure to account for the communal nature of human existence is why Western nations are being colonized, demographically and institutionally, by non-Western peoples. They have a sense of group consciousness – we don't.
The Return to Realism

If there’s one single quality that makes someone a dissident in the 21st century it is simply to be a realist. To see humanity as a constant and to see ourselves as just one moment in the play of golden ages and dark ages. This very perspective threatens the ruling ideology of Neoliberal Progress that underpins all modern culture and institutions.

The 20th century was a peak age of ideologies that marched across the planet with grandiose footsteps. With the one-way channels of radio and television, millions could be on the same wavelength at the same time. Wherever someone may have lived, some form of aspirational ideology proposed a means of fulfilling an ultimate objective and the ascent of mankind. The 20th century was defined by the interaction and clash of these titanic ideologies and by the turn of the millennium only Neoliberalism remained at the end of history.

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