We affirm the validity of borders, walls, and nations defined by shared bonds of commonality. We believe that a nation’s leaders should pursue its interests, rather than those of globalist elites. 


We acknowledge that identity plays a central role in human affairs. Identity comes in many forms and is often the source of much social conflict. Like it or not, identity politics are the norm in multicultural societies. We staunchly defend the preservation of America’s historical demographics in the face of mass immigration, and are opposed to the demonization of and discrimination against America’s white majority.


We believe that America should, as our founding fathers intended, remain free from foreign entanglements, limiting its military action to extreme circumstances in the nation’s best interests.


We favor trade policies designed to protect American industry and workers, rather than benefit globalist interests.


We see America’s current ruling elites as hostile to the historical people, culture, and identity of America. Our ultimate goal is thus a shift in the American power structure. So long as we’re ruled by hostile individuals and institutions, America will not be made great again.