American Identity Movement is a non-profit activist and fraternal organization founded on March 8, 2019 by Patrick Casey. Our worldview is best summarized by our five principles: nationalism, identitarianism, protectionism, non-interventionism, and populism.

AIM’s efforts are twofold: activism and fraternity.

Activism is our raison d’tre it’s how we spread our message and attract new members. By creating visual displays of public defiance against our hostile ruling class, we force our ideas into the political realm. As such, activism is both potent and necessary in an era of escalating censorship, deplatforming, and establishment-mandated political correctness. Examples of AIM activism include flyering, banner drops, and demonstrations.

Fraternity encompasses the social aspect of AIM. It’s not enough to merely win hearts and minds to our cause we must ensure that new members are plugged into their local AIM community. Some of the most rewarding stuff happens behind the scenes.

American Identity Movement believes in effecting change peacefully and lawfully, and rejects political violence, extremism, and supremacism in all of its forms.

If you share our vision for a better America, we strongly encourage you to donate or join us!