America is under attack. 

Unlike most existential threats nations have grappled with throughout history, we face not military conquest from without. Had we an external, identifiable threat, such as a marauding army, our struggle would be less complex. In our case, however, the enemy is not at the gates; ours is within, plundering, weakening, and debasing America. 

That enemy is globalism, an ideology averse to borders, national sovereignty, and healthy values. Globalists come in many forms; these bureaucrats, politicians, CEOs, and bankers do not exclusively belong to a single ethnic, racial, or religious group. What unites them are common values and a shared belief in the importance of the global project: the push to diminish national sovereignty and centralize power in global institutions. 

To truly understand globalism, one must recognize that it can be found on both sides of the aisle. Ruling classes benefit when the masses are pitted against each other – divide et impera, as the saying goes. Political tribalism is an incredibly potent force, particularly in an era of deracination and social media. By ensuring that conservatives view liberals as the enemy – and vice versa – both factions remain ignorant of the big picture. 

The reality is that the global project boasts immense bipartisan support. For example, mass immigration, arguably the primary tool in the globalist arsenal, is popular among Democrat and Republican politicians alike. The reasons may vary, of course; the GOP opposes immigration restriction to provide its donors with cheap labor, whereas the Democratic Party sees in the denizens of the third world a horde of new voters. Regardless, the outcome is the same: our ruling class benefits, while we, the American people, suffer. 

The Republican Party, while occasionally – and perhaps miraculously – boasting sincere patriots among its elected officials, is best understood as controlled opposition. While the Democratic Party at this point explicitly supports open borders, transgender ideology, and anti-white hatred, the GOP exists to ensure that opposition thereto never goes anywhere. And given the cultural shift leftward, the Republican Party must only buy time, knowing that eventually conservatives will begrudgingly adopt positions previously considered liberal. 

The policies and ideas promoted by globalists that harm America are many: mass immigration, second amendment restrictions, the vilification of America’s white majority, the erasure of American history, free trade, kickbacks to big business, tech censorship, foreign wars, systemic anti-white discrimination (affirmative action), etc. These issues can and should be addressed individually. Nevertheless, we must keep the big picture in mind, remembering that these issues all stem from the central problem: bad governance.

The solution to this sorry state of affairs is nationalism. We need a new political class in America – one that will govern benevolently and competently, putting the interests of the American people first. So long as globalists run the show, nothing will change for the better. Such a shift in power is admittedly easier in theory than in practice; however, it is by no means an impossible undertaking. By effecting cultural change and building metapolitical networks, we can peacefully right the ship. Regardless of the difficulty, onward we must trudge – for to do nothing is to accept defeat, and that simply is not an option.