America First patriots gathered the evening of Friday, February 28 outside Washington, D.C. for the very first America First Political Action Conference. Attendees traveled from across the country to listen to speeches from AIM President Patrick Casey, Scott Greer, Nick Fuentes, and Michelle Malkin. Michelle’s presence was of particular significance, given that last year she was one of the main speakers at CPAC’s 2019 conference – an event from which Patrick and Nick were barred entry.

Overall, AFPAC was a resounding success. It demonstrated the America First movement’s growth, ability to gain allies, intellectual ability, and organizational talent. American Identity Movement played a leading role in the event, handling the planning and logistics. So long as CPAC grants entry to far-left journalists and excludes sincere patriots, AFPAC will exist as an alternative, offering a place for Americans to discuss real issues – not the interests of the donor class.