Young patriots gathered in West Palm Beach, FL on December 20 – the weekend of Turning Point USA’s annual Student Action Summit – to celebrate the resounding success of the Groyper War. The Groyper Leadership Summit, organized by American Identity Movement, featured speeches from Patrick Casey, Jake Lloyd, and Nick Fuentes. It served as an opportunity for us to define America First in our own terms, critique Conservatism Inc., and network with those who supported or participated in the Groyper War. 

While in West Palm Beach over the weekend, GLS speakers had an opportunity to engage with young conservatives who otherwise wouldn’t have been exposed to America First ideas. After being briefly arrested and removed from the Palm Beach County Convention Center, Nick Fuentes, Patrick Casey, and Jake Lloyd were surrounded by curious SAS attendees. Many great debates and conversations ensued – all livestreamed to an online audience eagerly enjoying the antics. 

Amusingly, while Patrick was running errands to prepare for GLS, Nick Fuentes and a cadre of America First supporters encountered conservative pundit Ben Shapiro, who was walking with his family toward the convention center. Nick Fuentes peacefully and verbally confronted Ben Shapiro, a man responsible for repeatedly smearing Mr. Fuentes and seeking his permanent excommunication from right-wing politics. The interaction – filmed by multiple onlookers – garnered millions of views on YouTube, with figures like Nikki Haley and Megan McCain weighing in. This particular incident proved correct what GLS organizers and speakers had predicted in the lead up to the event: that all we need to do is show up to steal the spotlight.