On October 29th, America First patriots – otherwise known as groypers – descended on Turning Point USA’s Culture War event at Ohio State University to confront Charlie Kirk. During the Q&A session, young right-wingers subjected Mr. Kirk to question after question on issues like mass immigration, identity, and the cultural shift left. The TPUSA founder evaded each question, appearing increasingly distraught as time went on. 

Toward the end, AIM President Patrick Casey claimed the final tough question of the night, asking Charlie Kirk how he can claim to support free speech and open discussion while at the engaging in the systematic blackballing and character assassination of right-wing dissidents and those who refuse to disown them. (For those unaware, TPUSA cut ties with its former brand ambassador Ashley St. Clair after she was pictured alongside Nick Fuentes in a group photograph.)

Mr. Kirk, who by this point seemed quite disgruntled, interrupted Patrick multiple times and ultimately failed to answer the question. Instead, he lamented the “hateful” questions heard earlier in the Q&A session. While at this event Mr. Kirk claimed to have not been familiar with Patrick Casey, at subsequent Culture War stops the TPUSA founder unfairly smeared Patrick, decrying him as a “white supremacist” without offering a shred of evidence in an attempt to delegitimize the America First movement. 

The so-called Battle of OSU would prove to be one of the high points of the Groyper War, the term given to the metapolitical offensive undertaken by America First patriots against Conservatism Inc. during the fall semester of 2019. Mr. Kirk was far from the only speaker to face an onslaught of challenging questions. The America last positions of Matt Walsh, Ben Shapiro, Dan Crenshaw, and others were also challenged by young conservatives concerned with demographic change and other salient issues.