On September 12th American Identity Movement activists made a memorial to Erin Langhofer, a young woman who was murdered in cold blood, near the Kansas City Metro. Erin was shot after Deon’te Copkney unloaded an entire magazine from a gun into a crowd after he claimed he was attacked by somebody else.

The memorial also included the faces of numerous young European American women. Most of whom were murdered senselessly either for being in the wrong place at the wrong time or for more nefarious reasons by men of color. Our display read Diversity Kills, and it does. The faces of the young women on the display next to the faces of their killers, prove that.

However, Kansas City does not want to acknowledge the nature of these crimes or the reason for the tragedy that had recently struck the city, when Erin was murdered. Soon after the display was put up, Kansas City officials tore down the memorial. A disgraceful act that note only violates our right to free speech, but is also a pathetic attempt to cover up the fact that Diversity Kills.