On May 29th, American Identity Movement activists made a short video documenting how people felt about Kate Smith, who sang an iconic version of God Bless America in the late 1960’s. Kates version has been a staple at Philadelphia Flyers games for decades.Kate was such a prominent part of the Philadelphia baseball experience, that a statue of her was erected outside the stadium. All of that changed when it came to the attention of Major League Baseball officials that Kate recorded two songs with “racist” lyrics, almost a century ago. Afterwards, MLB officials decided to take down Kate’s statue and stopped using her version of God Bless America at Flyers games. So AIM activists took to the streets around the stadium to ask how fans how they felt about Kate’s statue being torn down. Kate received overwhelming support from everybody our activists talked to and universal condemnation of the MLB officials decision to remove her statue. The fans support Kate and they let it be known. Finally fans from every background posed with a poster board of Kate in a show of support and solidarity with her.