Dying of Whiteness DisruptionOn April 27, 2019, activists with American Identity Movement (AIM) peacefully disrupted leftist author Jonathan Metzl’s “Dying of Whiteness” event at the Politics and Prose bookstore in Washington, DC.

AIM leader Patrick Casey administered Mr. Metzl’s audience with a hearty dose of American Nationalism. Mr. Metzl’s book and presentation try to convince the white working class of America that they should trade their homeland for healthcare. AIM does not believe that this is a choice Americans should be forced to make, as it is perfectly achievable to offer our people both good healthcare and immigration restriction.

Ultimately, Mr. Metzl’s book fails to discuss the real reasons why leftism has been killing America’s heartland. Mr. Metzl’s book prescribes more globalism, mass immigration, and cultural decay which will only further weaken America’s heartland by replacing her historical demographics.

America’s road to restoration is nationalism, identitarianism, non-interventionism, protectionism, and populism.