On the evening of March 8th, 2019, Patrick Casey announced the formation of a new, nationalist organization. Our organization, American Identity Movement, is indeed a new non-profit institution engaged in peaceful activism and networking under the sole ownership of President Casey. Mr. Casey has retired from all activity unrelated to American Identity Movement.

Predictably, the Southern Poverty Law Center and other agenda driven critics are attempting to sour the reputation of our leadership and sow confusion about our new venture based on the history of a separate organization, Identity Evropa.

Identity Evropa was founded in mid 2016 by Nathan Damigo and was dedicated to raising awareness of issues related to white identity. Patrick Casey was neither a founding member, nor the leader of the organization for the majority of its existence. Additionally, Identity Evropa was not under the leadership of Mr. Casey during the late summer and fall of 2017, the most controversial period of the organizations history.

Over the course of 2018, Patrick Casey openly acknowledged that Identity Evropa had been negatively affected by the consequences of the decisions of former leaders and members. These former actions, which the SPLC is attempting to now associate with American Identity Movement, do not reflect upon Mr. Casey or the membership he had developed under his tenure as leader of Identity Evropa. In fact, the Southern Poverty Law Center has previously acknowledged, albeit derisively, Mr. Caseys endeavors to repair Identity Evropa.

In early 2019, far-left extremists managed to infiltrate and later publish swaths of private, internal communications from Identity Evropa, resulting in our diminished ability to communicate and formally launch new organizational platforms as planned. Thus, the prior existence of limited technical infrastructure does not suggest that Identity Evropa is still operational. Further, the infiltration and publication of hundreds of thousands of organizational messages yielded no evidence of a planned rebrand.

Despite these challenges, our departure from Identity Evropa and the launch of American Identity Movement has been a resounding success. The overwhelming number of individuals who have left Identity Evropa and joined us in American Identity Movement only serves to bolster the legitimacy of Patrick Caseys leadership as opposed to that of the Identity Evropa organization. President Casey continues to invite all former members in good standing of Identity Evropa at the time of its disbandment to join us in American Identity Movement.

Michael Atwood
American Identity Movement