AIM’s incredible, first demonstration

Nearly one hundred American Identity Movement activists rallied at the State Capitol in Nashville, Tennessee on March 10th following our successful inaugural conference.

Nashville, TN - Inaugural DemonstrationOur leader, President Patrick Casey, issued a rousing speech, calling for an end to mass immigration and destructive trade policies. Our banners were emblazoned with our organization’s name and declarative slogans including ‘Defend America!’ and ‘This Land is Our Land!’ Our activists proudly carried American Identity Movement flags and American flags and stood side by side in this awesome display of unity against the derision that Americans of European heritage face today. Behind the main demonstration, AIM activists deployed smoke flares to alert the public’s attention. Members of the public stood ahead of the demonstration, and did not reject our message.

Tens of millions of Americans of European heritage want to see mass immigration curbed and our collective identity secured. Hundreds of millions of people of European heritage around the world agree. Yet, these millions go unheard and continue to face demographic replacement and derision. Our movement is a call to peaceful, visible action and for the restoration of American identity.