American Identity Movement’s Inaugural Conference

On the evening of March 8th, two hundred identitarians, nationalists, and patriots gathered at a private conference for the launch of the American Identity Movement. President Patrick Casey announced the formation of our organization to a thrilled, standing ovation from the audience. Attendees enjoyed music, reception, and camaraderie with their new, fellow Members. The inaugural conference, AIM 2019, spent March 9th outlining the current issues that face our country: mass immigration, both illegal and legal, globalization and its effects, and how our movement should move forward with public displays of united action in defiance of a derisive political establishment. Attendees received American Identity Movement posters and spent breaks dining and conversing together at our beautiful, hospitable venue. Guest speakers addressed the conference in the evening on the subject of our place in the current metapolitical landscape and offered specific guidance to our activists and leaders. Americans of European heritage are being demographically replaced as a result of mass immigration. Tens of millions of Americans of European heritage have voted for sweeping immigration restriction, trade protectionism, military non-inverventionism, and for the restoration of our shared identity. Yet, our millions go unheard and isolated. No longer. This conference signifies the launch of our movement and a call to united, peaceful action in order to defend America!