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Protect your Heritage

America is a nation of pioneers, not immigrants. It is an established nation with a defined culture and American identity is legitimate and defensible. American people have birthed unique and interesting customs, traditions and accents. Our nation and our people have a rich, exciting history full of innovation, bravery and boldness.

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Activism & Fraternity

Become part of something bigger than yourself. If you are ready to stand up for your future and our identity, apply today!

Remembering the Fallen

Diversity destroys nations. Every year, Americans lose their lives due to globalism and leftism. We honor their memories and peacefully advocate for an end to the policies that resulted in their deaths. 

We Can Only Exist Through Your Support.

AIM is a grassroots movement made up of men and women from around the United States of America. Our enemies have hundreds of millions of dollars, think-tanks, lobbies, powerful politicians, judges and NGO’s at the their disposal. We are only able to operate because of people like you. Please consider donating so that we can continue fighting for the soul of our nation and to preserve our culture, heritage and birthright!

Patrick Casey
AIM Leadership